Less Regulation

Our farmers and residents know best how to care for our environment and still make a living. Government regulations should be limited and use common sense.


States' Rights

The federal government has no right to dictate how states should run their economies or their education systems. The 10th Amendment must be respected again.


Lower Taxes

In order to grow our economy, people need to have more money in their pockets that isn’t taken by the federal government to solve its spending problems.


Bringing Jobs Back

High taxes, regulations and bad trade deals have pushed jobs out to other continents. We need to roll back these harmful policies and entice job creators back into our district.


Secure Borders

Legal immigration is perfectly fine. However, illegal and criminal aliens are a danger to our communities and a drain on our resources. Securing the border shouldn’t be about politics, it’s common sense.


Balanced Budgets

Future generations can’t be expected to clean up our mess. Western Minnesota families are expected to live within their means, so should our federal government.



All life is sacred. Life must be protected at every stage, including those who are unborn.


2nd Amendment

Our right to keep and bear arms is God-given. The anti-gun lobby in Washington must be stopped at every turn and our traditions kept safe.


Term Limits

Career politicians don’t represent working families anymore. Our founders intended for regular folks to make the laws in Congress, not lifelong aristocrats.


Military Expansion

Congress must equip our military, and the brave soldiers who serve, with everything needed to combat Radical Islamic Terrorism and come home safely.


Energy Independence

American innovation is the best there is. Let’s let our free market economy find the best ways to power our homes and bring about a sustainable future.